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ChennaiChennai Mon - Fri 10:00-18:00
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Commercial Mortgage Services

The rapidly-evolving latitude of mortgage is compelling increasingly more lenders to look for more effective yet ground-breaking solutions to tackle the fluctuating demand prevalent in the market. We are one of the leading commercial mortgage outsourcing companies and is a one-stop-solution for all your mortgage process needs. When clients partner with us, they have immediate advantage access to the accumulative knowledge of trained and qualified processors. We serve several leaders in the mortgage industry & financial institutions all over the world, & our clients include: Mortgage Lenders, Mortgage Underwriters; REITs; Appraisal Reviewers.

Underwriting Support

• Initial Sizing
• Loan File Due Diligence
• Property Financial Statement Analysis
• Rent Roll Input and Analysis
• Lease Review and Abstract
• Third Party Review and Analysis
• Market and Submarket Analysis
• Mortgage Credit Analysis

Advisory Service

• Lease Review
• Rent Roll Reconciliation
• Market data analysis
• Construction drawdown
• ASR preparation
• Argus Cash Flow Modeling
• Periodic Operating Statement Analysis
• Covenant/ Stress Testing

Due Diligence

• Indexing
• Document Management
• Review Third Party Reports
• Review Property Inspection Report
• Rent Roll Review and Analysis
• Review Original Underwriting
• Comprehensive ASR Preparation
• Tenant Analysis and Write-Up
• Market Analysis and Write-Up

Portfolio Monitoring & Surveillance

• Periodic Asset Reports
• Covenant/ Stress Testing
• Watchlist Review and Reporting
• Loan Assumption/ Modification
• Lease Review/ Abstract
• Multifamily Audit/ Abstract

Loan Re-Underwriting

• Third Party Review
• Cash Flow Modelling
• ASR Preparation

Servicer Support

• Loan file review
• Cash Flow Analysis
• Lease Abstract
• Multifamily Audit/ Abstract
• Insurance Compliance review
• Loan Drawdown Review
• Reserve Reimbursement Review