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Business Process Automation

Business Process Automation

In a decade of disruptive technological innovations, corporate are increasingly leveraging technology to digitize process flows to an extent where human experiences can be augmented by automation and software developments. Digitization and automation continue to be the vital drivers of revenue multipliers across various sectors and segments internationally, including service providers, who have become aggressive players offering enhanced value propositions to Banks and Financial institutions.


A major advisory in the U.S. – who provides a range of financial services – wanted to host more than 10,000 proprietary financial documents on their own platform. They required assistance in appraisal ordering, reviewing, and document archiving process.


The crux of the issue lies in understanding the intricate database structure of the proprietary platform and factoring in 10,000 source documents – nearly all un-formatted. Since the source documents are spread over a number of different formats, processing them requires real-time client coordination and several levels of validation. Consequently, there needs to be an open channel of communication between the subject matter experts and the technology team to ensure success.


The Neptune team had identified and classified the data based on criticality, and mapped the same to the proprietary platform. We had streamlined the process by generating a set of rule-based automation tools\scripts that used optimized parameters to identify out-of-sync fields and rectify the same. We not only provided the first batch of data in 10 days’ time, but we also completed the project in a phased manner as per client requirements.


Deploying targeted tailor-made solutions ensured that vast volumes of data were quickly available to the client in their proprietary platform, thus enabling quicker decision making. For the client, the completion of the project with 99% accuracy and a 1-month turnaround time lead to 50% cost savings. We ensured that the client’s primary focus remained on their core business activities and scalability, thus enabling more efficiency and flexibility to manage capacity.