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Market Research Analytics

Market Research Analytics

For a growing number of organizations the world over, Market Research Analytics has been the go-to weapon of choice to help make better business decisions. Market and analytics tools ensure that businesses increase top-line metrics, improve operational effectiveness, and respond proactively to patterns and trends in order to gain competitive advantage. While market research takes ground variables and the current scenario into account, analytics looks for insights from historical data to improve the probability of favorable future outcomes. Both these components – market research and analytics – go hand-in-hand to equip businesses with the necessary edge to outperform competitors under ever-changing market conditions.


The client is a leading asset management firm that leveraged a proprietary investment strategy to manage its stake spread across industries. They employ a business-driven approach by developing a highly efficient equity allocation model to make funds continually outperform the market average.


Their operations environment was plagued by a lack of organization, agility, and responsiveness, and these factors compounded to delay project deliverable.

A combination of slow data aggregation methods and lack of qualified DB experts resulted in a sub-optimal database design. With most of their analysts preoccupied with back-end support tasks, the client could hardly focus on core business activities.


Our Neptune team of experts assessed the financials of various tenants based on proprietary reports and databases. They computed ratio analysis, prepared credit reports and modeled the financials based on projections.

This led to a clear understanding of the valuations of tenant applications, assignments and sub-lettings. Further, we standardized the approach by creating process manuals for writing credit reports, reporting fund performances and highlighting financial cash flow models. We created tailor-made models/templates to suit the client’s diverse requirements.


By removing roadblocks and time sinks, we crafted a sustainable offshore business model and reduced the turnaround time by 60%.

We also delivered more than 1,500 reports on a quarterly basis with the help of highly-skilled resources. Consequently, the client could now focus on their core business activities and scalability, thus rekindling their efficiency and flexibility to manage capacity.