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ChennaiChennai Mon - Fri 10:00-18:00
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Residential Mortgage Services

The residential mortgage market in the recent times have been highly dynamic, requiring detailed strategic plans and focused efforts to sustain and keep up a significant lead over competitors. Targeting potential clients, confirming their credentials such as credit history, eligibility, credit scores, and credit re-scoring, involves laborious and time-consuming effort yet are essential activities to business growth. Having trained in-house professionals specialized in mortgage services can take away focus from business development and value add activities. Our offerings assist you ramp up volumes and performance while at the same time substantially reduces your overhead, placing you in a better position than your competitors.


• Application Processing
• Pre-conditioning
• Document Verification and Indexing
• AU Decision


• Credit/Fraud Risk Assessment
• Collateral Risk Underwriting, Underwriting Decision, Condition Management
• Audit, Quality Control/Compliance Management


• Setup, Payment, Collections
• Escrow Services
• Default Management
• Refinance/Loan Modification and Short Sale/Foreclosure
• Due diligence, Loan Maintenance, Customer Service