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Business Process Automation

Automation is the goal of designing and implementing a BPA solution. Use of Neptune’s BPA solution helps clients to automatically aggregate and extract data from financial and  bank statements and other documents in any form, format and language, including paper statements, and normalizes the extracted data to client specific formats.

Automating several tasks within a business process streamlines that business solution and makes it more capable. With BPA, vast amount of data can be handled quicker and with higher efficiency than if the same processes were still being done manually. By improving the performance, accuracy, and efficiency of client’s key business processes, our dedicated team assists organizations to be more efficient and responsive to customer and employee needs. Enhanced BPA application helps in developing systems that proactively adapt to changes in the data they are responsible for, thus eliminating IT workloads and improving overall efficiencies. Above all, well-designed  BPA leads to an increase on ROI for many aspects of the business model, leading to an increase the effectiveness of both new and existing applications that are suitable for use with a BPA solution.


  • Enhanced operational efficiency
  • Strengthen your organization’s audit and error detection features
  • Realigned and improved financial reporting process
  • Increased consistency and accuracy level of 98%
  • Save time and costs

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At Neptune, we strategically utilize the tools of Business process to help you save costs immediately, while making refinements that make businesses work smarter automation through streamlined processes. By partnering with us, you can redirect valuable resources more efficiently into core functions. Partnering with us help in re-focusing your internal resources on strategic capabilities to innovate and grow your business. Automation improves process accuracy, efficiency, visibility, and compliance as it eliminates the need for workers to manually perform time-consuming tasks prone to error.

In organizations where relationships are the cornerstone for success, BPA can substantially enhance human interaction and decision-making, as well as create real-time transparency.  Some of the key steps involved in implementation includes collecting the process information, develop a plan involving recommendations with roadmap for centralizing processes for the greatest amount of transparency, as it keeps the as-is architecture intact. This helps to integrate various business functions that should be logically aligned and spreads them out across the company.

In the process of achieving desired results, we create prototypes a manner that is similar to what we intend to have when the automation is concluded. This helps us to integrate the data and existing systems used in the process, according to what was defined in the process design. Post-Integration the process enters the stage of supported operation, with a direct follow-up, thereby removing bottlenecks in successful implementation.